Nammude Vipani Farmers Producers Portal

Overview of the producers company

• Name: NammudeVipani
• Formation: Farmers Producers Company
• Location- Kurumathoor Village and all Kerala
• NammudeVipani will take over the non-farming land on lease for the
agricultural farming to produce different type of vegetables and different
types of animal husbandry.
• NammudeVipani also will also recruit qualified and specialized farmers for
every land they own.
• NammudeVipani will focus on both local and export of the agricultural produces.
• NammudeVipani will support to give agricultural farming on individual’s land
until the harvesting of crop.
• NammudeVipani will focus more organic manure and organic produces.

Introduction- Nammude Vipani Farmers Producers Company

Agriculture is one of the major sectors of the Indian economy. It is present in the country for
thousands of years. Over the years it has developed and the use of new technologies and
equipment replaced almost all the traditional methods of farming. Besides, in India, there
are still some small farmers that use the old traditional methods of agriculture because they
lack the resources to use modern methods. Furthermore, this is the only sector that contributed
to the growth of not only itself but also of the other sector of the country.

Growth and Development of the Agriculture Sector

India largely depends on the agriculture sector. Besides, agriculture is not just a mean of
livelihood but a way of living life in India. Moreover, the government is continuously making
efforts to develop this sector as the whole nation depends on it for food.
For thousands of years, we are practicing agriculture but still, it remained underdeveloped for a
long time. Moreover, after independence, we use to import food grains from other countries to
fulfill our demand. But, after the green revolution, we become self-sufficient and started
exporting our surplus to other countries.
Besides, these earlier we use to depend completely on monsoon for the cultivation of food
grains but now we have constructed dams, canals, tube-wells, and pump-sets. Also, we now
have a better variety of fertilizers, pesticides, and seeds, which help us to grow more food in
comparison to what we produce during old times.
With the advancement of technology, advanced equipment, better irrigation facility and the
specialized knowledge of agriculture started improving.
Furthermore, our agriculture sector has grown stronger than many countries and we are the
largest exporter of many food grains.