• To be the customer’s preferred choice for providing construction services
  • Constantly assess the needs, realities and values of the customer and set goals to satisfy their needs
  • Continually innovate, develop and adopt state-of-the-art technologies, methodologies and materials to deliver customer satisfaction through better, faster and cheaper construction services
  • Continually aspire to deliver higher standards of safety, occupational health and environment protection at work
  • Continually develop and maintain a robust supply chain that will help us deliver value to the customer on time and to expectations
  • Continually improve the competence of our people through education and by inculcating strict principles of conduct and responsibility, high standards of performance, and respect for individuals and their work
  • Organize work for effectiveness in delivering results and always look to commit today’s resources to the future
  • To build a reputation of trust and reliability amongst our customers, other stakeholders and society


  • Our prime focus is to meet the client’s requirements and to strive to exceed their expectations

  • We strive to improve processes and methodologies to achieve consistent and predictable results. HCC aspires for zero-defect by creating an environment of quality awareness, rather than relying on inspections
  • We endeavour to effectively use Total Quality Management and six sigma tools to become the clients’ most preferred choice by attaining excellence in quality and through timely completion of projects
  • We believe in recognition and empowerment, as well as enhancement of skills, to facilitate active and positive engagement of our people in achieving organizational objectives
  • We keep ourselves updated with the latest in equipment and technical know-how
  • We endeavour to eliminate process wastage through lean construction
  • We adapt to challenging and ever-changing conditions without compromising on due process  
  • We evaluate performance through various statistical tools and take timely decisions in pursuit of efficiency